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​                                           WHY CHOOSE EAKOM Engineering


EAKOM Engineering is HUB Certified in the State of Texas 

​​With backgrounds in construction, our staff understand the construction industry and how schedule, submittals, amd cost impact a project. This allows us to avoid common design/detailing errors in the early stages of the design, which reduces the number of RFIs and speeds up the shop drawings review process during construction.

That's why at  EAKOM  Engineering:

  • We include what our competitors call "deferred submitals" (steel connections, metal stud design, steel stairs, post-tensioned tendon design, etc...) in our Construction Documents at no cost to our Clients. When our competitors defer these structural items to Contractors, the estimators would then include a bigger contingency in their price because they have to hire another structural engineering firm during construction to design them. All of this end up costing $$$ (High Bids) and TIME (extension of construction time due to the delay of shop drawings & RFI process.). Our unique approach has proven to reduce construction cost and cut construction.

  • During construction, we review shop drawings within a week and RFIs are responded within 48 hours.